Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prosecutors in the Casey Anthony Trial Caught Failing To Disclose Exculpatory Evidence to the Defense

Although Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter and could never be re-tried again in Florida (under the doctrine of double jeopardy) for charges in which she was acquitted of, it has now been revealed by one of the prosecutions witnesses that even if she had been convicted the conviction would have been overturned on appeal.

During the trial the prosecution proffered the expert testimony of their computer expert from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Kevin Stenger, whom testified that Ms. Anthony’s computer searched for the word “chloroform”, 84 times, and that he determined this by using the forensic software called, “CacheBack.”

However, back in late June of 2011, the developer of the software John Bradley notified the prosecutors that their findings were wrong because of a flaw in his software which he later discovered and corrected.  Upon correction Mr. Bradley learned that the Anthony computer only searched for the word “chloroform” once.

Upon discovering the error, Mr. Bradley the developer of the software called “cacheback”, which is commonly used in law enforcement to discover computer search history, offered at his own expense to fly to Orlando and testify to his findings.  Mr. Bradley is the chief executive officer of Siquest a Canadian company which manufactures the software.

In violation of Brady v. Maryland, the prosecutors never disclosed Mr. Bradley’s findings to the defense, and it is without doubt that even if she was convicted with this type of blatant misconduct by the prosecution her conviction would have been overturned on appeal.

I wonder whether there was additional misconduct committed by the prosecution in this case, and I applaud the jury for doing the right thing in this case and following the law of reasonable doubt.   

It is yet too been seen if Sgt. Stenger and the prosecutors in the Casey Anthony will be investigated for their misconduct and unethical conduct.  Unfortunately, I suspect not.

By: Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., Esq.
Dated: July 28, 2011

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