Friday, December 26, 2014

Reed Gusciora the Pooch Advocate

When it comes to the protection of animals this state Assemblyman Reed Gusciora sees no difference between animals and people.  He stated recently, “As a human society, we should not tolerate abuses against animals any more than we would against a person.” 

On a lower level there is some truth that animals should not be abused, but to compare a dog to a person shows a serious defect of his moral philosophy.  This same person who argues in effect that a person is just like a human being with animal personhood, sees no perversion in his moral philosophy when he promotes the killing of unborn babies which he believes has no personhood.  Under Mr. Gusciora philosophy of life the animal cannot be abused without the penalty of prison, but the human baby is worthless, and can be condemned to death at the whim of its mother.

Another example of Mr. Gusciora hypocrisy is his recently sponsored legislation requiring mandatory prison time for anyone convicted of causing or threatening to cause harm to a search-and-rescue or law enforcement dog. From the prospective of a criminal defense attorney this proposed law is filled with problems and poses a myriad of problems of prosecuting and defending such a charge.

This is not the first time that this Assemblyman has proposed a wacky law, in which cowardly state legislatures have jumped on the bandwagon, in the rush to political correctness.

Let’s hope Governor Christie has the courage to veto such a stupid law.  I trust Governor Christie understands and knows the difference between the natural law (the divine personhood of man made in the likeness and imagine of God), as opposed to the ancient heresy of Pantheism (all living orgasms are equal in the divine universe of nature in which God does not exist), which Gusciora embraces as his “new age religious heresy.”

Yes know one wants to see any animal abused, but why do these same advocates for animals have no compassion and have no interest in protecting their fellow human beings (unborn babies).