Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Known Right in New Jersey: All Indigent Defendants Convicted of a Disorderly Person’s Offense or Serious Motor Vehicle Offense are Entitled to a Court Appointed Attorney

Many indigent defendants convicted in municipal court are unaware that the cost of the appeal, the cost of transcripts and a court appointed attorney is available for all defendants convicted of a disorderly person’s offense, or serious motor vehicle violations.

After sentencing the municipal court judge will normally advise the defendant of this right.  The judge will usually just state that the defendant has the right to appeal, has twenty-days to file an appeal, and should retain a lawyer because the process is complex.

A very informative video about the process has recently been published on Youtube by the New Jersey Judiciary and can be found at:

All Defendants convicted in municipal court are urged to view this video even if they can afford the costs of filing an appeal, paying for transcripts and retaining a criminal defense attorney.

If you have been charged with a crime of disorderly person’s offense in New Jersey you should consult Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr. ( who has a reputation as a criminal defense attorney for hard work and successful results.

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