Tuesday, February 7, 2012

City of Bayonne Settles Another Police Brutality Case: Internal Affairs and Police Accountability by Department Supervisors Non-Existent

A federal civil rights law suit, Condo v. City of Bayonne, against the city was recently settled for the sum of $95,000.00. 

The allegations as contained in the complaint assert that two Bayonne police officers engaged in the wonton beating of plaintiffs Condo and DeRocco, by repeatedly kicking and punching them after they came out of a bar in Bayonne.  It is alleged that other officers seeing the brutality failed to intervene.

The plaintiffs alleged that their civil rights were violated under federal civil rights laws pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983.  As a result of the beating both plaintiffs’ sustained serious injuries which required medical attention at the local hospital.

Although both plaintiffs were also falsely charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest against the arresting police officers, all charges against Condo and DeRocco were administratively dismissed by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.  Named in the lawsuit along with the city police department were police officers, Dominick Lillo, William Peterson, Timothy Carey and Timothy McAuliffe. 

This type of abuse will continue in Bayonne by the police department until such time as the department takes serious citizen complaints and engages in honest internal affairs investigations of its officers; and when appropriate the disciplining of errant officers.

Update:  February 20, 2015, Dominick Lillo arrested by the FBI and charged by the United States Attorney's Office for excessive force in the beating of another Bayonne citizen arrested for outstanding municipal warrant.  He was also charged with lying to federal agents.  The Chief of Police, Richard Kubert, knew about this errant officers for years, and did nothing.  Mr. Kubert should be fired immediately, if the department wants to regain any integrity.

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