Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Federal Civil Rights Suit Against Corrupt Newark Cops Continues

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Federal Civil Rights Case Continues Against Indicted Newark Cops.

Terrence Worthy v. City of Newark
The Federal civil rights case against the City of Newark and four former and current Newark police officers continues with the deposition of Ismaell Lespire who took the Fifth Amendment over 20 times while being deposed by Worthy's attorney, Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., as to the illegal activities of his former partners, and his involvement with the three disgraced Newark Police Officers, Darius Smith, Lawrence Furlow and Tryone Dudley who were indicted by a New Jersey State Grand Jury for planting drugs on citizens, stealing their money, making false arrests and filing false police reports.

In 2003 Mr. Worthy was falsely accused of participating in an armed robbery by Smith, Dudley, Lespire and Furlow. Mr. Worthy who was forced to take a plea, later had his conviction overturned by the Superior Court, and spent time in state prison because of the officers illegal actions.

The federal court has entered defaults against Furlow, Dudley and Smith who all failed to answer Worthy's federal complaint. Tyrone Dudley who already plead guilty to the charges is currently on the state's witness protection plan and is waiting to testify against his former partners, Smith and Furlow, at the upcoming criminal trial in Superior Court, Newark.

Amazingly, police officer Lespire continues to be employed by the Newark Police Department without explanation from that department.

Mr. Worthy is represented by civil rights and criminal defense attorney Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr.

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