Friday, February 7, 2014

America on Probation or Prison an International Scandal

A  must read for anyone who is concerned about the prison population and what can be done about it can be found in the recent Op-Ed Column by Bill Keller, former editor of the Star-ledger and published in the New York Times, can be found by the link below:

Great article for anyone interested in the state of affairs in the United States as it relates to our love for prisons and putting people behind bars. 

There is no question that the “war on drugs” is a failure and has done nothing to stem the tide of people addicted to legal and illegal substances.  As long as the pharmaceutical companies are making billons of dollars in selling and pushing dangerous narcotics such as Oxycodone and Roxycodone and other dangerous and addictive drugs people will become addicted.  Chase them, catch them and jail them is not the answer, the answer is strong family structures, religion and the church, change in social values, jobs, and education.

Why spend the amount to house someone in prison for a year at the same cost as sending someone to vocational training, or college. ?

Problem of trying to solve every social ill by locking people up is futile and not moral.   The problem is compounded by the fact that jails are now a big business in the United States, and the more people locked up the more profits.  Today the jail business is a big business, and Wall Street and corporate America is now making enormous profits in locking people up.  The more people locked up regardless of the reason, the more merrier for them, and corporate profits. 

Who pays, we pay, of course.  An international scandal for the United States.  But of course we go to war to teach people about democracy and to do the right thing (sure).

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