Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Township of Irvington Pays Again To Criminal Defendants Abused By Irvington Police.

For the second time the Law Office of Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., was successful and achieving some form of justice for criminal defendants abused by members of the Irvington Police Department.  Like many Essex County cities and towns, Irvington is known for having a cadre of police officers whom routinely violate the civil rights of citizens whom they come in contact with, including police engaged in police misconduct which includes the use of excessive force, and beatings of arrestees.

Recently in August of 2011 the police departments K-9 unit was disbanded because of the numerous civil rights lawsuits filed against the Township by individuals whom alleged that the department’s K-9 dogs were used to attack and maul arrests not resisting and often already in handcuffs. 

The latest suit by the Attorney Sanzone was approved for settlement by the Township Counsel on October 25, 2011 in which plaintiff Joseph A. Jones settled his civil rights suit against the Township for the sum of $30,000.00.  In that case the disgraced former Irvington police officer, Brian Rice, who is now serving time in state prison for official misconduct, used his K-9 named “Bilko” to maul Mr. Jones while Mr. Jones was handcuffed and on the ground.  In addition to having K-9 Bilko attack Mr. Jones for no reason, Brian Rice also used his black jack to strike Mr. Jones repeatedly in the head.  For a complete story covered by the Star Ledger of New Jersey go to:

Part of the problem with the Irvington Police Department, similar to the City of Newark, is the lack of any type of real internal affairs investigations or supervision of its police officers.  There was no excuse why Brian Rice was allowed to roam free on the streets of Irvington with a badge, firearm and K-9 Bilko.  Irvington’s police brass should have detected that Brian Rice was an errant police officers and had no business being a police officer.

Such police officers not only bring discredit to the department they serve but also the police officers in general, whom in the majority, take their oath seriously and attempt to perform their job with professionalism and honesty.

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